Light up the fashion runway

Every season comes up with new fashion trends and styles that fly from the Hollywood and all around the world. The fashion ramp has always been quite an interesting stage for people to see the kind of styles that generally is shown wholly for the purpose of displaying the designer’s creativity and talents. The Victoria secrets fashion shows take a different face every year; although they try to stick to their base of soft curls, girly but sexy vibes, every year the designs would come out with a completely different theme. This is what makes the fashion industry exciting to watch! I have always been a big fan when it comes to learning the art of makeup, the way they work in maintaining such a great figure, skin and how well they keep up their personality in front of people.

Carolina Herrera AW14 03.jpg
By CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK from Chicago, USA – Carolina Herrera AW14, CC BY 2.0, Link

The last thing a model wants to experience at the runway is to undergo some wardrobe malfunction but there have been quite a number of instances where models had to face such unfortunate incidents but at the same if you read the same story different journals some would call it a publicity stunt while for some it would have a genuine misery. Every organizer of the fashion event and every business that is associated with these events only try to come up with newer ideas to make it happen and to show the world something they have never seen before.

Starting from the oldest fashion shows that happened many years ago, there were simply models walking on the ramp with the clothes that designers made for them but when you look at a fashion show now, it’s whole business land with many investors, shareholders, fashion designers, textile companies that work together to create an amazing event. It’s about great beauty of models, amazing fashion, show case of great textiles, makeup and hair styles.

One of the most wonderful innovations of all times in the fashion industry is the textiles that Forster Rohner came up with. They designed textiles that have LED lights fixed on to the material where models that walked on the ramp not only lit the audience up with great style and beauty but also with the new mix of apparel. The company connected textiles with technology and came up with this great new tip. They had to go through several rounds of trial and error to find out what’s the optimum mix of this because they couldn’t afford to hurt anyone with any battery leaking lights. The first time they brought it to the people was with underwear products to show how comfortable they could be even with battery fixed lights. Fashion industry shall await more innovations like this.