Expensive foundation Vs. Drugstore foundation

You know how important it is to put a nice base coat on your nail prior to painting your nails in the colour you want to keep the nail polish longer in the same quality. Without a base coat, the nail colour would strip off your nail in no time. Similarly, when it comes to make up a good base of foundation is what holds every other make-up product on to your skin and if you go ahead with a bad foundation, you are most likely to end up with a bad look as well. Think of a person who has a nice eye makeup with a great lip ombre but the moment you look at the face if the foundation looks quite smudgy or blotchy on the skin, then the whole outlook will be ruined.

Most of the beauty gurus explain how important it is to have a great foundation and does this necessarily mean it should be an expensive one? How will you choose between a drugstore foundation and a high-end foundation? Here are the ways to see which one you will need and how will it benefit you.

Analyse your ski

The first thing to know is what kind of a skin you have, if it’s oily then stay away from cream products as it could make your skin more oily but if your skin is more towards dry end, then try to stick with powder foundation. At this point, you can’t necessarily choose whether the foundation is better to be high end or drug store.


Decide the coverage

If you have an averagely good skin, then you don’t need a lot of coverage from your foundation. What you could do is to pick a normal drugstore foundation of your colour as the skin doesn’t need a lot of packing on to look good. On the other hand if you have a quite scarred face with patches, hyper pigmentation or acne, then I advise you move into something like a good high end product which has better coverage. Also, make up can do no good to pimples and acne prone skin so it’s always better to use a good product that will do less harm to your skin.


Short-wear or long-wear

If its short wear and your skin is quite healthy, drugstore products could work for you but if you have quite bad skin and has to wear make up for longer hours, then I suggest you splurge some money on a good product that will not worsen your skin.

These are some of the tips that could come handy to you, when deciding whether to go for an expensive foundation or a drugstore.