Category: Beauty Inspiration

Expensive foundation Vs. Drugstore foundation

You know how important it is to put a nice base coat on your nail prior to painting your nails in the colour you want to keep the nail polish longer in the same quality. Without a base coat, the nail colour would strip off your nail in no time. Similarly, when it comes to […]

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Workplace Fashion tips to keep you Going

Companies and business nowdays, have become places that work day and night with no time barriers. Most ventures that go global will either way work in multiple shifts and you can see it’s not for fixed 8 hour shifts that people work for anymore. They work for flexible hours and I don’t think it’s that […]

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Light up the fashion runway

Every season comes up with new fashion trends and styles that fly from the Hollywood and all around the world. The fashion ramp has always been quite an interesting stage for people to see the kind of styles that generally is shown wholly for the purpose of displaying the designer’s creativity and talents. The Victoria […]

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