Beauty dupes that turn into Big Hits

YouTube has become a huge platform for so many people to create new web content, share and to connect with such a mass audience. These technological inventions have given the opportunity to so many people out there to simple work from home and still earn money. Back in the day, people must have watched how a professional putting make up to a client and learnt the right technique to doing things but now the times have changed and anyone who has access to the internet, has the ability to quickly learn whatever they want to do.

We have seen so many people coming out as beauty gurus who teach people on how to put make up and what products to use for face, hair and new trends in fashion. Every season or special holiday, we can see a lot of new make-up products and hair care items that get released into the market by big celebrities. Since people wait to buy this product so much, they even give the customers the chance to pre-orders them so they won’t go out of stock and also for those who don’t order before release will also be disappointed if they don’t get the product as they wish.

Businesses that identified this gap saw an opportunity here. The people who waited for months to get hold of the release and having failed at this will usually have to wait for like another 6 months until it gets back in stock and this was definitely not a plus trait of the millennials. They are quite the impatient lot that wants to try the new products immediately after a release and this gave rise to people who come up with beauty dupes. These are the products that are perfect duplicates of the original make up products released by these top celebrities. The original Kylie Jenner lip kits got sold out just few seconds after it was sold and the businesses that launched perfect dupes of those shades, managed to profit just as well as kylie did; although they sold their products at such affordable rates.

Our parents’ generation would mostly not go for dupes for they were scared of it and they only believed in originals but in our generation, we have more access to information and we have the ability to make better decisions and choices. The good thing about YouTube gurus are that they share reviews of all these new dupes which makes it possible for us to try them on with less fear. This is why most dupes today – turn into big market break outs.